Kintsugi art in our writing instruments

Kintsugi is a Japanese artwork in which shattered ceramics pots broken pottery pieces back together with gold and in practice means repaired with lacquer mixed with gold which now a day also the silver, or platinum or brass and other material have been used by artists to fill up the crack and join broken object together.

Kintsugi philosophy holds that damaged artifacts may still be beautiful and precious, and that their imperfections should be cherished rather than hidden. This art style promotes acceptance of imperfections and impermanence, and it is frequently viewed as a representation of life itself.

Arteavita uses the Kintsugi technique to repair any little flaws or cracks that can appear in the natural wood, we also believe that the wood is so respectful and we do not throw any pieces of the wood even smallest piece  instead we use this piece which has long history to tell us and we know each crack inside the wood is a result of pressure and  like us that we have a many difficulty in our life and we have so many cracks in our heart and our soul so we find the similarity of cracked wood with human, cracked wood is like a person passed from so many difficulty and pressure in life journey is like a wrinkles in your forehead or wrinkles in the hand of carpenter or stretch mark after pregnancy, all this crack and line are so precious and respectful. The crack  is a result of pain and difficulty makes us mature and , is a stage that it form us to the Humans as the most honorable creatures.


Additionally, the usage of Kintsugi in Arteavita's writing tools symbolizes the company's dedication to sustainability and environmental awareness. Arteavita reduces waste and creates a more sustainable product by repairing  rather than dumping the material and beginning again.

Kintsugi, in addition to its utilitarian usefulness, is an art form that relates to the human experience. Kintsugi celebrates the beauty of shattered items in the same way that it teaches us to embrace our own faults and the path of life with all of its twists and turns. The usage of Kintsugi by Arteavita teaches us to cherish imperfection and to see the beauty in things that are broken.


Finally, Kintsugi is a philosophy and art style that emphasizes the beauty of imperfection, and Arteavita's use of this method in their handcrafted writing instruments underlines their commitment to embracing imperfections and honoring individuality.

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