Banff handmade sketch Pencil/Ballpoint pen


This writing instrument is fully handmade with care and attention to detail. The wood used is Plywood and has undergone the procedure of stabilisation. 

The procedure of stabilising wood involves drying the wood to remove moisture. The wood is placed inside a vacuum chamber with the resin as a stabilising agent. This process removes air from the pores of the wood and allows the coloured cactus juice to fill any gaps or imperfections that it might have.

This clutch pencil is a 5.6mm lead holder equipped with a ballpoint pen converter that can be changed and used as a pen anytime. This wooden writing instrument feels fantastic in the hand. There is a sharpener in its pusher for sharpening the lead as sharp you wish. Since it has expandable lead which can be replaced with different grades lead, it is the best idea for Art Sketching, Shading, Crafting, Draft Drawing, Architectural drawing.

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