advocates of creativity


At this moment in time, we are leading largely virtual lives, trapped within four walls and locked onto our screens. And still, we are often too busy with our daily routines to take a moment to pause, to just be, to dream, to create. But we can change that with small daily acts of creativity. Instead of writing an email, write a letter. Instead of starting at your computer screen, look out the window and sketch what you see. Or take a walk, bring your sketchbook, sit on a bench, and draw life as it unfolds around you.

As our motto Advocates of Creativity suggests, we believe that creativity takes many forms and is everywhere and in everyone. It starts with a dot on a page, then a line or a letter, then a few more lines or letters, and it quickly becomes a drawing or a story, a city or a novel, the whole world around us.

Creativity is the mind’s playground, not the exclusive domain of professional artists. The objects we make are not intended only for artists, architects, illustrators, and other designers. They are for everyone who appreciates craft and beauty, everyone who dreams. They are meant to be lifelong companions in your lifelong journey of dreaming and creativity.

We envisioned Arteavita as a living creative community and we encourage you to share with us your creative pursuits. Send us a poem you wrote or a drawing your child made or even just a grocery list pinned on the door of your refrigerator!



Nature is our muse. We celebrate the natural beauty of the materials that we use and we look to living creatures and plants around us for aesthetic inspiration.

We also believe that our responsibility to nature is not merely one of appreciation – we are all, after all, stewards of our environment. The objects we make are not disposable, and we take great care to minimize and manage our waste. We use primarily wood, a renewable material source, and we donate a portion of our sales to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (